Soon after he arrived in Shiraz, Mullá Husayn came into contact with the Báb. On the night of May 22, 1844, Mullá Husayn was invited by the Báb to His home; on that night Mullá Husayn told Him that he was searching for the possible successor to Siyyid Kázim, the Promised One. The Báb told Mullá Husayn privately that He was Siyyid Kázim's successor and the bearer of divine knowledge. 




After some consideration, Mullá Husayn became the first to accept the Báb's claims as the Gateway to Truth and as the Initiator of a new prophetic cycle. The Báb had replied satisfactorily to all of Mullá Husayn's questions and had written in his presence, with extreme rapidity, a long commentary of the Surih of Joseph, which has come to be known as the Qayyúmu'l-Asmá' and is considered the Báb's first revealed work.


Fact Sheet

Category: Event > Major Event

Importance: Major

Date: 22nd of May - 23rd of May 1844

Main Characters: The Báb, Mullá Husayn

Place: Shíráz, Persia

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