Bahai History can easily be thought of as a sequence of major and minor events; though this is far too simplistic, events are what makes us gain an understanding of why some things happen and they connect the important Persons with the Places where these events took place.

To your left you can select from a list of different event categories and further fine-grain your search. Certain events may appear in multiple categories (such as the Birth of the Báb or the Conference of Badasht).

On the right random events will be featured to give exposure to all the different articles that are available on this site.

Featured Events

Báb's Martyrdom. Nec magna nunc elit. Nibh pellen tesque turpis. Nulla mus fames. Amet condimentum dolor eget curae primis leo nec.... go to article!

Bahá'u'lláh's Travels. Eros sagittis nostra ipsum euismod suscipit arcu et.  Ipsum nam dolor praesent at commodo justo... go to article! 

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